2014-04-16 Jeff James @ Maxwell’s – Pics by Dan

Another fun night at Maxwell’s – Billy the Kid’s as Jeff James brought his country revue to the packed restaurant/club.  Jeff was joined by the beautiful and talented Marlisa Kay Small.  The prime rib was cooked to perfection. At $15.99 for prime rib, baked potato, salad and a drink it’s certainly a bargain.  Photos taken by O.D. Mafia photographer Dan Summitt are posted and available for viewing and or downloading.  Follow this link for photos.


2024-04-13 Marlisa Kay Small & Harold Smith @ Goodfella’s on 2nd – Photos by Dan Summitt

Harold Smith portrayed the knight in shining armor as he stepped in to assist our fair maiden, Melissa Kay Small.  The lovely Deb Browning and Marlisa together forms what O.D. Mafia lovingly refers to as the Delightfully Dangerous Duo is recovering from surgery, Jeff James was to step in but he was stricken with the infamous beach crud.  Harold Smith, keyboard & vocals with Smokin’ Hot teamed with Marlisa to make a night that all will remember.  Photos are posted and can be viewed here.

2024-04-09 Jeff James @ Maxwell’s – Pam

It was an O.D. Mafia Tuesday night as both Pam Gilbert and Dan Summitt descended upon the renown Billy the Kids/Maxwell’s.  You’ve seen Dan’s pics.  Now it’s time for the great photos taken by our Photo Princess Pam Gilbert.  Pam has an eye for photos and was able to capture all the fun and excitement that always accompanies a Jeff James.  Follow this link for photos.

2024-04-09 Jeff James @ Maxwell’s, Billy the Kid’s – Photos by Dan

  • Another great evening at Maxwell’s, Billy the Kids.  The prime rib was cooked to perfection and the service impeccable.  The $15.95 prime rib dinner includes baked potato, salad and a drink.  A super bargain that gets even better when you include entertainment by our very own country star Jeff James.  The dance floor was alive with dancers as the evening grew with each “Holler and Swaller”.  Marlisa Kay Small and Deb Browning joined Jeff for a few numbers to the delight of their fans. Photos are posted and can be viewed and or downloaded by following this link.

Out & About with Deb & Marlisa, Ray Scott & Scott Beasley, Jeff James

Deb Browning and Marlisa Kay Small were presented an Award of Appreciation by the American Legion to honor their contributions to the betterment of the Post.  Following the ceremony the Delightfully Dangerous Duo of Deb Browning and Marlisa Kay Small wowed the crowd and filled the dance floor. 

From there we went downtown Ocean Drive to the multi-award winning Deckerz Bar & Grill, home of the Riptide Radio Friday live deck party (which is sometimes held inside).  Ray Scott and Scott Beasley were spinning the tunes while the spring-breakers partied hard.  

A short stroll found us at Duck’s newly remodeled Sidewalk Cafe where our very own country super-star was entertaining a huge contingent of locals and visitors.  Country legends come alive when Jeff takes the stage.

Crossed the street for the best part of the evening.  Sitting in front of Melt’s eating ice cream as we watched traffic cruise Main Street and reminiscing of times long past.

Photos are posted and can be found by following this Link.

2024-04-02 Jeff James @ Prime Rib Night at Maxwell’s – Pics by Dan Summitt

Another great time at Maxwell’s, Billy the Kids as our very own super-star gave life to the legends of country music.  Songs by Waylon, Merle and the Possum, George Jones and other country greats rang thru out the venue.  Maxwell’s is definitely the place to be on Tuesday nights.  Photos can be found by following this link.


2024-03-26 Jeff James @ Maxwell House – Photos by Kathy Wise & Dan

Some nights are better than others and Tuesday is quickly gaining in popularity.  Jeff James and Maxwells at Billy the Kids is laying claim to Tuesday.  Maxwell’s is offering a prime rib dinner with baked potato salad, and drink for less than $16.00 and of course Jeff James adds his immense country talent to the night and the evening suddenly takes on that special date night feeling. And for dessert, the beautiful and talented Marlisa Kay Small joined Jeff to add a special spark to the event.   O.D. Mafia Photographers Kathy Wise and Dan Summitt were there to capture the memories to film.  And thanks Dennis Woodard for snapping the above photo.   Photos can be found here.

2024-03-24 Jeff James @ Deckerz Bar & Grill – Pics by Dan

Sunday evening saw Deckerz Bar & Grill packed as Jeff James took charge of the stage as no one else can.  Jeff’s talent and personality filled Deckerz with fun and excitement and legendary country music.  Jeff is at Deckerz most Sunday evenings, plan on being there and smile.  O.D. Mafia may be in the audience.  Photos of last nights performance can be found by following the link.

Photos are here.

2024-03-21 Route 65 @ Goodfella’s On 2nd – Pics by Dan Summitt

All roads lead to Goodfella’s On 2nd Avenue but the most direct path Thursday was Route 65.  The Route 65 Duo brought their shenanigans and great music to Goodfella’s. A special appearance by Johnny Nashville was well received by the crowd of locals, visitors and the many fans that follow Route 65 and Johnny.  Whenever Route 65 performs their country and southern rock numbers they are always accompanied by a boat load of fun.  O.D. Mafia picture taker Dan Summitt was there to capture the fun and excitement that is Route 65.

2024-03-19 People Moving Up Karaoke Party @ Goodfellas – Photos by Robin Cloud

Annie hosted a fun St. Patty’s karaoke party last night at Goodfellas on 2nd Ave, with Tammy Barbour and a great group of people with the organization People Moving Up.  This organization supports adults with Down’s Syndrome in NMB.  What a wonderful opportunity to let them shine and have fun singing and dancing. Way to go Annie and Tammy and thank you Robin for capturing this worthwhile event to film.  Photos are here.