2023-06-06 Band of Oz # Calabash Concert Series – Melissa Hinson – Dan Summitt

It was a great day in Calabash as the Band of Oz kicked off the Calabash Concert Series. Cathy Cody and the Town of Calabash always does a fantastic job in booking the best talent available and they certainly did so when they booked the legendary Band of Oz.  ODMafia photographer Melissa Hinson and Dan Summitt was there to capture fun, excitement and tons of smiles.  Photos can be found by clicking the below links.

Band of Oz – Photographer Melissa Hinson

Band of Oz – Photographer Dan Summitt

2023-06-02 Riptide Radio ft DJ Ray Scott @ Deckerz Bar & Grill – Photographer Melissa Hinson

It’s a Friday Beach Music Countdown at Deckerz Bar & Grill and Riptide Radio’s award-winning Hall-of-Fame Dj Ray Scott was there to insure the show would go off without a hitch.  And behind the camera and in our hearts was Melissa Hinson snapping pics and giving as many smiles as she captures. 

Photos can be found here.

2023-05-21 Ricky T, Deb & Marlisa, Thomas Road

Racing around town with our bodacious and bubbly Pamela Whitt as she captures the fun and excitement of Ricky T at the ever-popular O.D. Arcade, the delightfully-dangerous duo of Deb Browning and Marlisa Small bringing smiles to all at Bouy’s on the Boulevard, and the sensational Thomas Road at Duck’s Night Life.  It’s not easy but it sure is fun.  Photos are here.